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Helping people to access & communicate with their unconscious mind so they can do work that makes their heart sing. #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoach


The inspiration for my latest post on the #YourInnerMentor website - has come at the perfect time for a client of mine. Let's call her Sally. Sally is working to balance her #EmotionalHealth. Part of that process is to learn how to set and accomplish #goals, while I hold her #accountable and provide support and extra resources. I have created a cycle to support Sally's goal called The Perseverance Cycle. It is comprised of three zones: The Comfort Zone, The Intention Zone, and The Ugly Zone. It operates from your decisions, beliefs, and your actions and spirals to increasingly get you closer to your desired outcome. Because you're keen to learn how to persevere when you're working towards your goals you can read the new post here: Shoot me a PM with your questions, all too happy to help make your #HeartSing too! #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoaching #Belief #AchievingGoals #Perseverance

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Love my gym... they're funny fuckers... @exerciseroom247

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From the #AskCaronMargarete files... "Hey Caz, at Christmas we were talking about #hypnotherapy. My step-brother's wife's friend said that hypnotism didn't work for her, she still smokes. So does it?" In answer, yes. Yes, it does. And no, no it doesn't. Let's tackle the 'no' first since I know it's BS. In hypnotherapy, you're relaxed to the point of trance - like a really, really deep guided meditation - which allows the hypnotherapist the ability to make suggestions to your unconscious mind. If you, the client, do not believe you can be hypnotised, you won't be able to relax and trust the therapist to guide you to the deepest, relaxed state. You'll be too conscious. If you do not believe that it's possible to access and communicate with your unconscious mind, then the suggestions that the hypnotherapist makes will not work because your conscious mind will decide they won't work. The key words here are 'believe' and 'decide'. The fourth person account of the lady who didn't quit smoking doesn't really tell me much. But I can make an educated guess that she didn't believe it was possible. And, I would also question whether the hypnotherapist had sourced the root cause or reason she had started smoking in the first place. Addiction to nicotine aside - which is a limiting belief I'll reserve for another post - there's an emotional association linked to the behaviour of smoking. The smoking makes her feel something today and that feeling is associated with something from the past. So to answer the "yes, it does..." Given the opportunity to do so, I would work to unlink the emotional association and work to ensure she made the decision to believe hypnotherapy could and would work for her, and then create powerful suggestions to guarantee she didn't need to smoke anymore. This isn't just for smoking either. The same applies to any behaviour that you want to change: weight loss (which I prefer to call 'health gain'), swearing, anger management, biting nails, and so on. I use hypnotherapy as one modality of my #EmotionalHealth #ResultsCoaching service. To book an enquiry call, shoot me a private message. More information:

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Claire was already a consultant when she was referred to me, but she didn't know how to work ON her business while she was IN her business. Through the #TransitionIntoBusiness program I run, Claire was able to create a strategy for how her service would grow. She has gone from a no-name, no-brand service to a full-fledged corporate offering with a tailored catalogue of services and the price-point to match. I'm particularly proud of Claire's dedication and focus. As a mother of a one-year-old, she already had her hands full and yet, over the course of the last year, she's pushed herself to greater and greater achievements. Claire once thanked me for being her colleague. Although I coach and hold her accountable to her strategy, she said it was the opportunity I provide to bounce ideas and give support that was what she was most grateful for. "You're like a colleague for solopreneurs." If you need structure with a clear strategy and your very own Solopreneur Colleague shoot me a private message. See what else Claire has said about working with #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoaching More information:

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Two really important statements:* "Anita came to realise that her cancer was directly tied to life experiences that were traumatic ..." and "Anita recognised the role belief played in her illness..." As controversial as this is going to seem, I believe, severe illness** is the result of negative emotions tied to specific events that remain unresolved. As Anita and so many other "miracle cure" cases testify when you change what you believe you change how your body responds. These negative emotions caused from significant emotional events either in this lifetime including in the womb prior to your birth; or, passed down to you genealogically through your DNA; or, your past lives. They harbour long term in your body to produce dis-ease. Sometimes we carry into our next life or to our children's life. This is how our tiny, beautiful, little babies can get sick. There's a whole chapter in the book all about this. Your body is ingenious. It has the blueprint of perfect health in every single cell. Through the work of #EmotionalHealthCoaching I help my clients to get better. #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoach #NLP #TimeLineTherapy * NDE is an acronym for near death experience. ** Severe illness as defined as that which cannot be explained through poor life or health choices like a bad diet, low exercise, obesity, smoking, etc.

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The key clause in this paragraph of Dr Bruce Linton's book, Biology of Belief, is "until we make the effort to reprogram them." I remember when I was quite young, about 8 years old, my family and I went to visit my aunt. My mum and her two sisters were talking, I was standing beside mum when one Aunt said to me in response to something I must have been doing or saying, "oh Karen (that's my birth name), you're just like your father." Seemingly in the same breath she turned to her sisters and said some horrible things about my dad. In my tender little mind I thought she was giving me a compliment until I heard what she then said. I thought, "if she's saying that about my dad then she must be saying I'm the same as him because she said I'm just like him." Little did I realise how this one throw away comment would pivot my whole perspective of self, identity and my personality. From then on, I paid attention to every bad thing anyone said about my beloved father (whom at the time I adored) and then looked at my own behaviour to see if I was doing the same. If I was, I consciously worked to change myself. This is a process I'm still undergoing. As a result, today I am nothing like my father except for the good attributes I've chosen to keep. What I didn't realise until learning #NLP, #TimeLineTherapy and reading this paragragh was that I was actively reprogramming behaviour I had learned from my parents. It took me a life time but thankfully it'll take you a micro-second of that time thanks to the work I do with #EmotionalHealthCoaching. Reprogramming is easy when you have tools and techniques that I teach. #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoach

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Currently reading 'The Biology of Belief' by Dr Bruce H. Linton. This from page 122 of the 10th edition, explains the basis on which #EmotionalHealth coaching was formed. It doesn't matter what you think, it matters you're programmed to think. Change the program and you'll change what you think. #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoaching

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The best time to start your own business is when you're on vacation from your job. #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoaching #TransitionIntoBusiness

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In all of our interactions, what we think, how see the world and how we filter information we receive is precisely what we perceive in others. Other people mirror back to us our filtered model of the world. For greater understanding read: #YourInnerMentor #ResultsCoaching #EmotionalHealthCoaching #Communication #NLP #Perception

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What Melissa* wanted most was to start her own business. She'd been working as an HR Manager for a large company for many years and was bored shitless from the monotony that was her life. She knew that she would be happier if she were able to have variety in her work, flexibility to spend more time at home with her two young children but felt hopelessly stuck in the cycle of Monday-to-Friday and bills. When Melissa first approached me we discussed my Transition into Business coaching program, that would support her to build her business while still employed. Melissa started off well, but after two sessions I began to see a common theme coming up in our sessions. Melissa would use sabotaging language that guaranteed she would fail. I asked her a question that I've asked many of my clients, "When did you decide that failure was how you would succeed in life?" This stopped Melissa dead in her tracks. She had so much doubt in her ability to succeed that unconsciously she sabotaged her success. Fortunately, it only took a few sessions of my #EmotionalHealthCoaching for us to get to the root cause of her doubts and to build her inner strength up. Now she's back on track to building a brilliant business. For the best #results in your life, it starts with making sure you have techniques on hand to combat the doubt that stands in your way. If you don't, I can coach you. It's easier than you'd imagine. Learn more: Book in a consultation at the Western Health Collective: Or, send me a private message. Your coach in results, Caron Margarete #YourInnerMentor #EmotionalHealth #ResultsCoaching #SelfDoubt #Confidence #Motivation #Sabotage #Success *Changed her name. Tag a mate who you think would benefit.

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Now based at Western Health Collective in #wefo offering #EmotionalHealthCoaching to increase balance, mental agility and lower life's stresses! #YourInnerMentor #Results #NLP #Hypnotherapy

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Loving #snapchat!

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